Gender Sensitization Cell


The Cell was formed in accordance with the guidelines on sexual harassment prevention in the workplace, issued by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in 1997 and in accordance with the VISHAKHA guidelines of Supreme Court and endorsed in SAKSHAM report of the University Grants Commission.

According to the Honorable Supreme Court of India definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior, such as:

  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually Colored remarks
  •  Any other unwelcome physical,
  • verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature


  • To resolve the issues pertaining to sexual harassment.
  • To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances
  • To foster healthy relationship with opposite gender.
  •  To equip students, faculty and staff with the knowledge of their legal rights and redressal of their grievances.
  • To facilitate speedy delivery of justice, through organizing meetings at regular intervals.

List of member:

  1. Prof. S.K. Gupta Principal CSSCP Kaushambi, U.P. (Head)
  2. Dr. Malti Arya Associate Professor, CSSCP, Kaushambi, U.P. (Member)
  3. Mrs. Roohi Kesharwani Assistant Professor CSSCP Kaushambi, U.P. (Member)
  4. Ms. Shalini Kesharwani Technical Assistant CSSCP Kaushambi, U.P. (Member)
  5.  Ms. Ruby Tabassum Assistant Professor CSSCP Kaushambi, U.P.
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